Stagenet Monero Hard Fork Countdown

Monero issues regularly scheduled hard forks, which are upgrades to the Monero network.


Next Activation DateNone (estimation)
Next Activation Height0 (estimation)
Current Block Height455482
Current Hashrate423 H/s
Current Difficulty50879
Last UpdatedNov 17 2019 23:51 UTC

Hard fork info

This data is fetched automatically from the monero-project on github.

Version 12
Activation DateNov 15 2019 UTC
Activation Height454721
Activation Difficulty1571419280
Version 11
Activation DateFeb 27 2019 UTC
Activation Height269720
Activation Difficulty1550225678
Version 10
Activation DateFeb 24 2019 UTC
Activation Height269000
Activation Difficulty1550153694
Version 9
Activation DateOct 08 2018 UTC
Activation Height177176
Activation Difficulty1537821771
Version 8
Activation DateOct 05 2018 UTC
Activation Height176456
Activation Difficulty1537821770
Version 7
Activation DateMar 20 2018 UTC
Activation Height37000
Activation Difficulty1521600000
Version 6
Activation DateMar 18 2018 UTC
Activation Height36000
Activation Difficulty1521480000
Version 5
Activation DateMar 17 2018 UTC
Activation Height35000
Activation Difficulty1521360000
Version 4
Activation DateMar 15 2018 UTC
Activation Height34000
Activation Difficulty1521240000
Version 3
Activation DateMar 14 2018 UTC
Activation Height33000
Activation Difficulty1521120000
Version 2
Activation DateMar 13 2018 UTC
Activation Height32000
Activation Difficulty1521000000
Version 1
Activation DateFeb 18 2018 UTC
Activation Height1
Activation Difficulty1341378000

Thanks to for the original frontend source code.