Mainnet Monero Hard Fork Countdown

Monero issues regularly scheduled hard forks, which are upgrades to the Monero network.


Next Activation Date---
Next Activation Height0
Current Block Height1927271
Current Hashrate318,896,574 H/s
Current Difficulty38267588961
Last UpdatedSep 20 2019 14:29 UTC

Hard fork info

This data is fetched automatically from the monero-project on github.

Version 11
Activation DateMar 12 2019 UTC
Activation Height1788720
Activation Difficulty1550225678
Version 10
Activation DateMar 09 2019 UTC
Activation Height1788000
Activation Difficulty1549792439
Version 9
Activation DateOct 19 2018 UTC
Activation Height1686275
Activation Difficulty1535889548
Version 8
Activation DateOct 18 2018 UTC
Activation Height1685555
Activation Difficulty1535889547
Version 7
Activation DateApr 06 2018 UTC
Activation Height1546000
Activation Difficulty1521303150
Version 6
Activation DateSep 16 2017 UTC
Activation Height1400000
Activation Difficulty1503046577
Version 5
Activation DateApr 14 2017 UTC
Activation Height1288616
Activation Difficulty1489520158
Version 4
Activation DateJan 10 2017 UTC
Activation Height1220516
Activation Difficulty1483574400
Version 3
Activation DateSep 22 2016 UTC
Activation Height1141317
Activation Difficulty1458558528
Version 2
Activation DateMar 23 2016 UTC
Activation Height1009827
Activation Difficulty1442763710
Version 1
Activation DateApr 18 2014 UTC
Activation Height1
Activation Difficulty1341378000

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