Welcome to the community hub of the XMR.to team

The XMR.to team has been with Monero for a (very) long time, as years of satisfied customers show. As a long-standing part of the Monero community, we recognize that our success has only been made possible by the work of all the people contributing to the Monero project in particular and the greater crypto community in general. XMR.to wants to return the favor: all our developers are paid 10% of their time for contributing to Monero, one way or another.

We use this community hub to collect our own open-source projects and various contributions to other projects. We also host a bunch of infrastructure and tools that we think can be useful to the broader community.

Network and remote wallets support

XMR.to hosts a set of Monero daemons for public access. These nodes are stable, public, and fast. Very useful if you can't run a full node yourself!

See here for the full connection info.

Open-source contributions

All the staff in the team is devoting 10% of their paid working time (that's half a day per week) to contribute to open-source projects within the greater Monero community. They are free to choose a project of their liking that relates to Monero, no strings attached.
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Up to now, we have contributed to, among others: We are maintaining: Visit us at:

Hosted Online Tools

The following tools are hosted by XMR.to for the benefit of the community. We strive for availability and reliability. Tools marked * have been developed by us and will be made open source soon.

Monero Faucets*

Monero Explorers

Monero Hard Fork Countdown*

Monero seed nodes status*

Other Tools

Financial support to CCS projects

The Community Crowdfunding System (CCS) is a way for everyone to get involved with Monero and proposals to be funded by the broad community, in a decentralized manner. We regularly contribute significant financial donations to various proposals.

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